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Objectives & Policy


The objective of the Muzamir Activities Sdn Bhd Quality Management System is to provide a system, which supports consistent work methods and practices for every task. This Quality Management System is in line with the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization Standard ISO 9001:2000. Use of this Quality Management Program will result in products and services, which satisfy our commitments to our clients in terms of contractual obligations as well as local and international statutory regulations.


Muzamir Activities Sdn Bhd strives to conduct its business with a total commitment to our customers’ requirements. We define quality as conformance to our customer’s needs, both internal and external and conformance to all quality requirements.

Muzamir Activities Sdn Bhd will apply this Quality Management to all personnel, operations and activities, which have an impact on the quality of our product and services.


The management and staff of Muzamir Activities Sdn Bhd are fully committed to the quality management objectives and policies, as outlined in the Company Procedures and the relevant work instruction on each task.

HSE Objective

  1. To provide all necessary and required safety system and procedures for implementation in the execution of all activities.
  2. To prevent all accidents and incidents, occupational disease, and damage to plants and equipment.
  3. To ensure all preservation and protection of the natural environment.
  4. To ensure the provision of safe system of work.
  5. To ensure the protection of the general public and surrounding community.

HSE Target

  1. To achieve zero Lost Time Injury (LTI).
  2. To achieve zero Total Recordable Injury Frequency (TRIF).
  3. To achieve zero Pollution.
  4. To achieve zero Occupational Illness.
  5. To establish and maintain a safe and healthy working environment.
  6. To establish a pro-active system in Muzamir Activities Sdn Bhd.
  7. To eliminate or control work hazard at all sites.